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Alpha-8 can buffer, multiply, isolate and protect console DMX outputs. The device operates from ay AC mains voltage (180 to 265V) with a robust 1 Amp internal power supply. Standard units have DMX in, DMX loop out, terminate On switch and LED, plus additional Power and Data LED' s.

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Alpha- 8 provides four pairs of outputs. These are optically isolated from each other and can be
standard 5 pin or 3 pin or 3 pin reverse. Internally, the circuit board carries spare IC' s enabling you to
get up-and-running again very fast in the case of an emergency.
Alpha-8 allow the DMX signal to be split without the possibility of reflections from one signal path interfering with the signal to a device on a different path. By isolating each output, electrical noise and hazardous voltages on one output are prevented from affecting ( or damaging) devices on the input or another output.
Common uses for the Splitter /Amplifier include: Plug the console or the unit to the dimmers or odher DAIX receive Alpha-sis normally provided with the conectan specified for DMMXS12:

Input-3 pin male "XLR" style Output-3 pin female "XLR" style The signals on each pin are:
1= Common

The unit may also be ordered with non-standand connectors such as 3 pin "XLR style. Note thai pin I is common in

name only. All commons are electrically isolated from each other OPERATION.
The Alpha-8 has no operator controls it is fully automatic I should be len plugged in st all times for isolated by the optical couplens, and retransmuitled by the driver cieuits All this takes less than 10,000,000 af a secood.

When no D MX imput is present, the outputs are placed in an idle condition. This conditinn ia defined in the DMX512 specification as Data line high and Data line low indicators are provided on the front panel of the splitier.


The red POWER Indicator is üleninaied ubenever the power cond is pluggnd into a live outlet. The green SIGNAL Indicator is illuminatesd wbenever the Datay and Data- Lines leave their idle tate. Note than the signal indicator does not necessarily indicate a Valid signal, anly thai the line is not idling.
The signal indicator will change intensities as the levels sent to the outputs varg In some cases the signal indicator may be quite dim even though data is being received. The indicator will be at its owest intensity when all dimmers are being sent to full Try sending all dimmers to zero then look at the indicator .SPECIFICATIONS

Input signal: DMXS12 SIGNAL Connectors: XLR3
Power input: 180V-265V, 50/Hz SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION!

Keep this device away from rain and moisture! Unplug mains lead before opening the housing! CAUTIONI Be careful with your operations, With a voltage of 230V you can suffer a dangerous electric shock Never put any liquids on the device or close to it. Should any liquid enter the device nevertheless disconnect from mains immediately Please let the device be checked by a qualified service technician before you operate it again. Never let the AC cord come into contact with other cables! Handle the AC cord and all AC connections with particular caution! Never touch these parts with wet hands Keçp away from heaters and radiators Make sure that the available voltage is not higher han stated on the device Keep away from children and amateurs. There are no serviceable parts inside the device. Maintenance and operations are only to be Carried out by authorized dealers.

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