Mackie SRM450

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Mackie SRM450 - A Phenomenal PA Package from Nhạc Việt Hà Nội!

For a powerful yet easy-to-transport PA system, it's hard to beat this Mackie SRM450 Package. A pair of Mackie SRM450 powered speakers provides you with premium sound quality without breaking your back (or wallet). A set of On-Stage Stands speaker stands provides you with sturdy mounting for your speakers. This Mackie SRM450 package also comes with a set of high-quality Pro Co 30' cables for hooking everything up. Grab this Mackie SRM450 package from Nhạc Việt Hà Nội and kick your live sound up a notch!


Mackie SRM450v3 provides optimum sound wherever you need it

Mackie's gone the extra mile for you with SRM450v3 active speakers. These speakers deliver 1000 watts packed into Mackie's rugged, lightweight molded enclosure along with powerful digital audio processing to match. Onboard mixers, one-button tone shaping, feedback elimination, and throughput signal routing options make these speakers the most powerful components of your rig, yet they stay convenient and easy to use. Lighten your load in, update your PA, and let the speakers do more of the work: add Mackie SRM450v3 active speakers to your rig!


On-Stage Stands speaker stands are lightweight and road ready

This Mackie SRM450 package includes all-aluminum speaker stands from On-Stage Stands. Lighter than other stands, the reversible-shaft design on this model may be used with either 1-3/8" or 1-1/2" speaker cabinet inserts. Works with cabinets up to 120lbs. Get your sound up and heard with these professional speaker stands. A rugged padded nylon bag is included for easy transport, so you can bring the Mackie SRM450 to gigs and rehearsals with ease.


High-quality Pro Co EXM-30 Excellines XLR cables

For an XLR cable that won't let you down, look no further than a high-quality cable from Pro Co! For years, Pro Co cables have been the choice of professional studios and live sound engineers worldwide. Pro Co has the sound quality you need with performance you can count on.


Mackie SRM450 Package Features:

Package with 2 Mackie SRM450v3 speakers, 2 speaker stands, and 2 Pro Co 30' XLR cables

1000-watt system power with 12" high-output LF driver and 1.4" titanium dome compression driver

High-definition Audio Processing for professional sound with unmatched clarity

Precision 2-way crossover, driver time alignment, and phase correction for clear, precise sound

1-button speaker mode selection for application-specific voicing, to get the sound you need

Eliminate feedback with 1-button automatic feedback destroyer

2-channel mixer features dual Mackie Wide-Z inputs to easily handle your mics or instruments

Includes stereo RCA inputs for easy connection to MP3 player or drum machine

Smart Protect DSP protects your speakers from damage when you get loud

Monitor angle and voicing mode for easy stage monitoring

Great for install or portable systems

Weighs in at only 37 lbs. each!

Includes 2 x 30' cables and 2 speaker stands

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