Seer Audio S-25II V2

Thương hiệu: Nhạc Việt Hà Nội Mã sản phẩm: S-25IIV2
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S series-sound in the heart, happy in both ears

product manual:

1. Adopting a two-way frequency design, carefully tuned speaker unit, and a front double inverted hole design, so that the sound inside the speaker is transmitted from the hole, widening the sound of the low frequency range, and making it calm and layered.

2. The installation is simple and convenient; the bottom and sides reserve hanger installation positions, which support horizontal hoisting and floor tripod installation; pure copper terminal blocks, effectively reducing sound loss!

3. The speaker not only uses a solid iron mesh, but also a high-density 18mm cabinet plate design that protects the internal speaker of the speaker from external damage.

Applicable occasions: meeting rooms, multi-function rooms, training lectures, commercial broadcasting, etc.




Frequency response                               45Hz-20KHz

Radiation angle                                      H90°×V50°

Impedance                                             4 ohms

Rated power                                          800W

Peak power                                           1600W/5Min

Sensitivity                                             103dB (2.83v/m)

Maximum sound pressure                   125dB

Connect                                              2×NL4R speakon 

Size                                                    1120×445×425mm

Low frequency                                   15 IN×2 (380mm)

High frequency                                   2IN×1 (44mm)

Weight                                                  40kg

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