Seer Audio SLA-212

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SLA-212 is a large format line array system that maintain excellent acoustics while putting 8 pcs or 10

pcs speakers along with wave guide inside the limited space of an enclosure.


Dual 12" utilizes all neodymium woofer & drivers, which ensures high sensitivity, compact size and less

weight.Up to 148dB sensitivity delivered by two compression tweeters with 72mm titanium voice coil

loaded in an integrated wave guide which meets all physics criteria of wave sculpture

technology. With double 10” mid-range drivers, which are able to couple mid range

smoothly and completely, no extra adjustment from EQ even needed . Two 12”

woofers placed as V shape side by side with the mid-range. The special

formulated carbon fiber cone gives ultra strengthen and lightness

to mi-low frequency.


Outdoor use with black catalyzed polyurethane paint finishing.

 SLA-212 works together with smart & predictable

rigging system, the extraordinary speaker is the perfect

choice which fits for all kind of touring applications.

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