Seer Audio FA5001

Thương hiệu: Nhạc Việt Hà Nội Mã sản phẩm: FA5001
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· Multi-channel design meets various occasions to reduce system complexity and ensure the stability, reliability and economy of the system.

· The selection of high-quality roller fans and the cooperation of temperature-controlled variable-speed circuits ensure stable and reliable system operation under high-power output conditions.

· Input interface: professional high-quality XLR socket, 6.3 plug

· Output interface: terminal output

· Power interface: professional IEC socket

· Front panel controls and indicators

· Level control: a rotary volume controller for each channel

LED indicator: power, signal, overload protection, bridge connection, 30Hz low cut

Function switch: 30Hz low cut

High-quality digital power amplifier designed for large-scale halls, multi-function halls, performing arts and entertainment halls, large-scale KTVs and other occasions. All components have passed 16 quality inspections and are strictly screened.

Separate use makes it easy for the machine to deal with whether it is working in large dynamics or light music.

Output power TA 1KHz THD≤ 0.1%


Stereo                                                                                8Ω 2*1200W

                                                                                           4Ω 2*2000W

Bridge 8Ω                                                                          4000W

Frequency response range                                               20Hz-20KHz -3dB~+0.5dB

Input sensitivity                                                                 0.77V

Signal to noise ratio (a-w rms)                                         >98dB

Distortion rate (SMPTE)                                                   <0.1%

Input impedance                                                               20KHz (balanced) 10KHz (unbalanced)

Damping coefficient                                                          (5Hz-1KHz) >300

Protection function                                                             Soft start protection Overheat protection Overcurrent protection DC protection Radio frequency protection

Conversion rate                                                               60V/μs

Output state separation                                                  ≥62dB

Power supply                                                               220-240V 50/60Hz

Weight:                                                                                              38Kg

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