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Seer Long Sound "Matrix 4 Input and 8 Output Speaker Processor (AU-48)" detailed introduction


AU-48 is a speaker processor with 4 inputs and 8 outputs. 4 input levels are composed of 6 level lights + 1 ceiling light arrangement. 8 output levels are composed of 5 level lights + 1 cut ceiling light + 1 limiter lamp arrangement. The machine has 4 analog inputs, 2 stereo digital inputs and 8 analog outputs. Each input has 5 filters, and each output has 7 parametric filters. Input and The output can be selected as Bessel, with -3dB 1/2-order Schiff at the cut frequency, symmetrical Schiff with variable Q value, high/low pass with variable Q value, 1, 2 order, all-pass filtering (90/180Deg. phase rotation on the cut frequency), bandpass filtering and notch. The output frequency division part has Butterworth, Lin/Reyl and Bessel filters up to 48dB/Oct. There is a selection ratio of RMS up to 32:1 Compression limit and adjustable soft/hard compression. There is THR output peak limiter with Vp or dBu to protect the speaker. The THR range of RMS compression limit and peak limiter is -30dBu. 22Us steps, each input and output The channel has a delay of up to 850ms. There is a linkage function between the input and the output. When this machine is used as an installed machine, this function can make the ramps turn off the output level when the parameters are changed. When you need live demonstrations and needs Minor changes in parameters can cancel this function to set the operation. The PC software for remote control allows to connect 32 machines and can display the phase of the filter setting and adjust the RMS pressure limit peak limit through the graph. There is a memory card to save And call presets. The remote control software can work through the local USB interface, RS485 or TCP/IP network interface.


Features outstanding performance: 24-bit high-end converter plus 48Hz frequency, with excellent sound quality performance 4 inputs + 8 outputs, perfect hybrid matrix speaker processor, first-class DSP processing technology, each input channel has 5 bands of parameter equalization, each output channel has 7-band parametric equalization can be selected as Bell, low/high Shevre, low-pass/high-pass, all-pass, band-pass and contact, 1/2 order, variable Q value, filter slope from 6 dB/ Oct ~48dB/ Oct, including Butterworth, Bessel, Linquez-Rayleigh and other filters. Each output has a high-precision and all-round adjustable peak limiter and RMS compressor. The input and output channels have adjustable delay times up to 850 ms

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